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Precipitated Barium Sulafate

General Description

Precipitated Barium Sulfate is used in various industries such as paper manufacture, paint, rubber, resin filler, storage battery and brake friction pad.
At present there are scores of manufacturers in China.
Above all, we introduce?specifically one of?the characteristics super fine precipitated barium sulfate and surface treatment product.


D50: 0.3 μm

Various surface treatment: stearic acid, silica-calcia, silica-alumina

D50: 0.6 μm

Untreated one, TiO2 coating

D50: 0.05?μm super fine?

resin master batch

We expand PE based master batch to agricultural material.


Product Data

BaSO4      ?98% or more

105℃volataile matter  0.3% or less

Whiteness     98 or more

Oil absorption    12g/100g

Average particle diameter   0.3~0.6μm





Filler for rubber and plastic

Storage battery

Brake friction pad