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Stainless Shot&Grit

General Description

CHRONITAL (stainless shot) & Grittal (stainless grit) is used for blast media. CHRONITAL (stainless shot) & Grittal (stainless grit) is made by VULKAN INOX GmbH. We are a?sales agent of CHRONITAL & Grittal in Japan. CHRONITAL is more spherical than stainless cut wire, because of it being made by atomizing methode. CHRONITAL's spherical shapes can help reduce blast surface irregularity when add new blast media. Grittal was made by nitrogen-based heat-treating and crushed. Grittal is in place of ceramics media, because of?it's angular shape makes similar surface when use ceramics media. And Grittal has a longer life than ceramics media


Reduced blasting cost and waste disposal
Longer life than ceramics media

Brighter appearance

Rust free surface-texturing

Use for shot blasting process by turbine or compressed air

Reduced wear and tear of blast cleaning equipment

Product Data

CHRONITAL : C 0.17%以下、Cr 18%以下、Ni 10%以下、硬度 30HRC

GRITTAL : C 2%以下、Cr 30%以下、硬度 56HRC

Particle Size : All sorts of Particle Sizes


Surface finishing and deburring for stainless steel, aluminum, zinc and non-ferrous

Apparatus and welded structures in stainless steel

engraving of granite and surface texturizing of granite and pre-stressed concrete

surface preparation prior to powder, teflon, porcelain, ceramic coating, painting,  metalizing, rubber, polyurethene or metallic bonding, etc