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Fused Silica Powder

General Description

Fused silica (aka: quartz glass) is produced by completely melted
natural silica at a high temperature of 2,000 ℃.

Fused silica has been used as the raw material for "exterior paint for electronic components",
"semiconductor sealing material", "refractory bricks".

Because?the Impurities are very few. And?the Coefficient of thermal
expansion is the?lowest in the inorganic oxide.
Moreover, Fused silica has excellent electrical insulating properties

Suzhou Kinsei Matec Co., Ltd in Jiangsu province (China)
has produced Fused silica powder since August, 2004.



High purity
Impurity is very little.

We have established both a dry milling and wet milling facility.
We are able to produce the most suitable particle size for each customer as required.

Product Data

True Speciffic Gravity:2.2

SiO2 99.8 min

Fe2O3 0.05 max

Na+ ?2ppm max

Cl- ?2ppm max

Fe2+ ?5ppm max

pH 5.06.0

EC 5μS/cm max

Average particle diameter(130μm)

Max Particle Size(75μm、105μm、150μm)



Semiconductor sealing material

Powder coating

Filler for plastic

Precision casting