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Ferro Silicon №3 Powder

General Description

Our Ferro Silicon No.3 Powder is mainly used as the raw material for welding flux in welding manufactures. Some Gases which adversely affect the welding flux are included in the powder of Ferro Silicon No.3. We deveroped this low gas type powder in order to meet customer demand. Because of a special?oxidation film is molded as the particle surface of our Ferro Silicon by our processing, our customers are using our products continuously without the uneasiness of the gas defect of their products.


The product "Ferro Silicon No.3 OCD " has surface oxidation in order to control a reaction with chemical substances. As?a result, the gas amount?has been reduced.


Product Data

Si 40~45%、Al 1.0%or less、Mn 0.6%以下

C  0.10%以下、P 0.05%以下、S 0.02%以下

?Gas Quantity  60.0 分/10ml



Welding flux

Deoxidizer for steelmaking