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Filler Sand for Sliding Nozzle

General Description

In order to prevent the solidification of molten steel inside of the nozzle and protect the face of the board Filler Sand is used at Sliding Nozzle.
As in the past lance pipe has been used for opening the sliding nozzles.
From the safety aspect?improvement research for filler sand which has a molten steel outflow without any lance pipe usage.
The quality of material is important. Currently chromite-silica sand type is generally used.



1)Low degree of sintering and withstand high temperatures with durability over extended periods.

2)Build glassy film at contact part with molten steel and suppress the spiking

3)Easy to naturally drop, better fluidity and will suppress flotation and lost.


Product Data

Representative Value : Cr2O3 37.6%、SiO2 20.2%