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Green Beads(Synthetic Foundry Sand)

General Description

Green Beads is a?refractory sphere sand produced by a special production process, made from high alumina raw material. Having a smooth surface and no air space with high fluidity, it makes the foundry process more efficient. It will be applied?to various applications.



Sphere shape
The sphere shape makes?it easy to build a mold because of high fluidity and density.

Smooth surface and thickness

As the sand has a smooth surface and no air space inside, it is easy to coat a binder. In addition, the mold can keep its?strength with less binder.

High Refractoriness

Due to?the high alumina content, green beads improves the refractoriness.


Less breakage in spite of frequent use makes the sand recyclable, which positively?contributes to the environment.

Cost Reduction

Because of the high thickness, a binder can be easily removed. This will not reduce the strength of the mold. Consequently less time will be needed for the production, reducing the running cost.

Product Data

beenRepresentative Value : Al2O3 76.3%、SiO2 18.4%、Fe2O3 1.20%、K2O 0.35%、Na2O 0.05%、CaO 0.30%、TiO2 3.10%


Green sand mold

Oraganic/inorganic self-hardening mold

(Alkaline phenolic-resin bonded mold/furan resin bonded mold)

Thermosetting resin mold

(RCS mold etc.)

Gas hardening mold

(Cold box mold, CO2 mold etc.)

Heat media for fluidized bed incinerator

Heat media for cupola