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General Description

Wollastonite is a fiber shaped, white colored, lumpy material made naturally.
It has been used as raw material for ceramics, such as tiles,pottery and porcelain.
Recently it is applied as a substitute for asbestos in the building industry.
Nowadays it is widely used as filler for resin and used as a substitute for glass fiber.
We have two different types of product, long fiber and short fiber,
with various kinds of size distribution according to application and feature.
The source of Wollastonite lump is limited to the mine
where high quality material is produced especially for long fiber type to maintain the feature.
We also produce the surface treated products with aminosilane etc also.
Recently the influence of fiber shaped mineral against the human body has been discussed.
Although Wollastonite contains fiber shaped particles,
the studies show little influence on the human lung since the melting speed when absorbed into the body is over 10 times faster than asbestos.
IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) categorizes the carcinogenic effect?of Wollastonite against the human body
as Group 3 (Not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans). Asbestos is categorized into Group 1 (Carcinogenic to humans).


Plastic Filler Application
The needle shape enhances the tensile/bending strength.
It reduces the coefficient of linear thermal expansion, and enhances the size stability.
It improves the appearance. The finer the particle size is, the larger the effect becomes.

Paint Filler Application
High whiteness reduces the consumption of white pigment.
It can improve the strength of the coating.
It prevents only dripping only and cracking of the paint.
It can be applied to ceramic graze, friction material, adhesive etc.


Product Data

True Speciffic Gravity:2.93.0  Melting Point:1,4501,540

SiO2 4654%

CaO 4350%

Aspect Ratio

Short fiber wollastonite : 36 (Reference)

Long fiber wollastonite : 1020 (Reference)


Filler for plastic and paint

Filler for rubber

Ceramic ware