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Magnesium Hydroxide


General Description

The combination of halogen-based flame retardant and antimony trioxide is very effective, so these have been used for a wide range of products. However, to take account of the influence on the environment, some halogen-based flame retardants?have been prohibited from use in Europe. Especially, regarding the resin for electric wire coating material, the non-halogen flame retardant has been developed actively as the use of eco-cable expands. Magnesium Hydroxide is used widely as a flame retardant of natural hydrates and the same as aluminium hydrate. We pulverize natural ore to sell. We use Calcium stearate for surface processing.


?It can be used for wire covering which is regarded as an important environmental measure.
?We can adjust the particle size or surface treatment for each customer.

Product Data

Chemical composition: Mg(OH)2

Average particle diameter: 31μ


Flame retardant for plastic