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Magnetic Powder?JEMK

Magnetic powder, which is produced by pulverizing flat special alloy powder,
is used in the field of magnetic shielding in Japan. As it also has a special characteristic
to the electromagnetic waves, its use is expanding to compact electronic devices such as mobile telephones.
JEMK is a soft magnetic powder which is designed to be higher in the actual part(μ′)
and be lower in the imaginary part(μ′′)in 13.56MHzband for communication frequency.


VaraietiesAverage particle
Specific surface areaTap densityCoercive force
JEMK S251.00.80380
JEMK H231.30.65395
(13.56MHz band)
In RF-ID system of 13.56MHzband which is a communication frequency the higher real part(μ′)and lower imaginary part(μ′′)make long distance communication possible.
(High frequency zone)
It is possible to reduce electromagnetic wave noise by the magnetic loss of soft magnetic powder.



About Flattening processing

We have an exclusive facility for the flattening process. We can carry out the flattening process for the metallic powder
which has malleability.
We can adjust the particle size, specific surface area and tap density according to the use
by flattening process with many years of accumulation technic.

Effect of flattening process
Improvement of the magnetic characteristics of soft magnetic metallic powder
Improvement of the electrical conduction

Applied product

  • ?Magnetic sheet for RF-ID
  • ?Electromagnetic noise suppression sheet
  • ?High functional filler