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Pattern Mold(Investment Casting Mold Sand)

General Description

"Pattern Mold" was developed by our engineering team only for Investment casting.
?This sand system could reduce operation cost and defect ratio by increasing mechanical strength and permability of the shell.


For Primary/1st Layer coating

As a coverage concentration, it is applied as filler (kg) /binder(L) = 4.0~7.5
Compared to conventional coating material, Pattern mold must be applied at a much higher concentration.

When wax mold into slurry, amount of slurry sticking wax mold should increase.?

It helps increase both the strength and precision of mold Defects because the primary
layer condition could be apparently reduced.



Dosage of all ingredients in the slurry tank such as surfactant, anti former and
distilled?water would be the same as the?conventional methods.
Even hydrolyzed ethyl silicate can be added at the same condition as usual.


For Back Layer

High concentrate slurry3~7times higher than conventional coating
Thick coating layer /short drying time /mold strength up
Easy molding and easy knocking-out after casting
Saving cost by reducing number of coating layers by 1~2 it makes total production
time shorter and?reduces the weight of coating material.




Raw material for refractory for precision casting

Investment Casting Mold Sand