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General Description

Sericite is a kind of mica and it is a shiny silver color like real pearl. It is also called "Silk Mica" for that reason.
Since crystal is scale-like, it is well slipping and well-coatable.
Numerous cosmetic manufacturers worldwide adopt it as a make-up ingredient.



Raw material of sericite is mined in Malaysia.
It is?a common ingredident for make-up cosmetics in USA, EU and Asia.
It is sterilized by steam.

Our sericite consistently undergoes a thorough sterilization process as a given.
We do a variety of surface treatments for cosmetic additives
on Sericite, Talc, Mica, Titanium Dioxide etc...


Product Data

SiO2 58 max

Al2O3 26 min

K2O 7 min

IgLoss 6.5 max


Standard for cosmetics

 K2O、Ignition Loss、Acid-soluble matter、Carbonate、Pb、As、pH





Filler?for plastic

Ceramic ware

Welding flux