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Time Line

August 1947
Established Kinsei Kogyo Co.,Ltd.?
March 1951
Opened Tokyo Office.
May 1955
Expanded Osaka Factory.
July 1962
Opened Kitakyushu Branch Office.?
March 1964
Constructed Chiba Factory.?
September 1966
Established Amagasaki Refinery.
September 1969
Constructed Yokkaichi Factory and established a research center; opened Yokkaichi Branch Office.
May 1971
Moved Yokkaichi Branch Office to Nagoya and opened Nagoya Branch Office.
November 1972
Established Kinsei Kenzai Co.,Ltd.?
February 1979
Established Singapore Kinsei Pte. Ltd. (Moved into Malaysia office now.)?
December 1980
Established Kinsei Ceramics Co., Ltd.
May 1987
Established Kinsei Intelligence System Co.,Ltd.
August 1992
Renamed as Kinsei Matec Co., Ltd.
August 1994
Constructed Soma Factory.
February 1996
Established Kincera Sdn. Bhd.(Joint Venture with Tech Cera Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia)?
August 1998
ISO9002 registered Cert. No.JQA-2532? Yokkaichi Factory.
October 2000
Opened Hebei Office (China).
December 2000
Expanded and moved Nagoya Branch Office to Marunouchi 2-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya.
January 2001
Opened Malaysia Office.
July 2002
ISO14001 registered Cert No.JQA-EM2518? Yokkaichi Factory.
July 2002
Established Tangshan Kinsei Matec Co., Ltd.
October 2003
Established Suzhou Kinsei Matec Co.,Ltd.?
July 2004
Expanded and moved Head Office to Hiranomachi,Chuo-ku, Osaka.
January 2005
Opened Thailand Office.
April 2005
Expanded and moved Kyushu Office to Hakata-ku, Fukuoka.
April 2006
Expanded and moved Tokyo Office to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
August 2006
ISO9001 registered Cert No.CN06/01731? Suzhou Kinsei Matec.
ISO9001 registered Cert No.JQA-QMA13409? Amagasaki Factory.
ISO9001 registered Cert No.JQA-QMA14161??Chiba Factory.
Expanded Kyushu Office.