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Zirconium Silicate(A-PAX)

General Description

Zirconium Silicate was originally developed as a substitute for tin oxide, used for opacifier of sanitary ware and tile in the USA.
An important feature of Zircon is it's high melting point, high corrosion resistance, and low expansion by heat.
Kinsei Matec produces various products made by processing imported Zircon Sand.
The super fine product ‘A-PAX’ is especially supplied to customers all over the world not only in Japan.


Having high heat resistance and Mohs’ hardness, it is used for refractory, friction material, ceramic glaze etc.
The products with various kinds of size distribution are available by our grinding technique.



True Speciffic Gravity:4.2~4.8  Melting Point:2,100~2,300℃
ZrO2 64% min
SiO2 34% max

Particle Size
① D50 1.0±0.1μm

② D50 0.5±0.1μm

③ D50 0.4~0.6μm



Opalizer for ceramic ware
Raw material for refractory
Filler for plastic and paint