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Monothilic refractory ISOPLAST PH61

General Description

This is a refractory of the Aluminum Oxide system. It is designed to reduce energy costs due to heat-insulating and adiabatic effect. It is designed to reduce production of Corundum and protect refractories from erosion.


An insulation effect and maintain temperature cause of high refractoriness and airtight. Used for tub or ladle reduction of aluminum adhere cause of repel effect. Able to coat because of its high adhesion. Used together with Tixobond 27, will get more effect of reducing aluminum adhere and a longer kiln life.

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Product Data

Maximum allowable working temperature : 1,700℃

Melting temperature   : 1,810℃

Bulk Specific Gravity   : 1,750㎏/?

Thermal expansion(1,000℃): 0.53



Inner wall of aluminum melting furnace

Inner wall of holding furnace

Ladle for pig iron


Pointing etc