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Serath(Synthetic Flake Alumina)

General Description

Serath is size controlled flake-shaped alumina powder produced by a hydrothermal synthesis method with our original know-how
It has high thermal conductivity and insulation property like conventional alumina powder.
In additon to these properties, it has orientational aspect property as flake-shapped powder.
It has quite different characteristic from conventional alumina powder.


Sharp particle distribution
High Aspect Ratio
High heat conductivity
High hardness
Safe chemical component
Well controled size and width of powder


Product Data

Varaieties 00610 : Average particle diameter 0.6μm 、  Aspect Ratio  5~15

Varaieties 02050 : Average particle diameter 2.0μm 、  Aspect Ratio 45~55

Varaieties 10030 : Average particle diameter 10.0μm 、 Aspect Ratio 25~30




Electronic material

Fine ceramics

Precision polishing