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Metallic SiliconM-Si

General Description

Metallic Silicon?is made from high purity Silica Stone melted by electric furnace with oil cokes and charcoal.
Produced by grinding and sizing the lump. Metallic Silicon?is not produced domestically due to the high?electrical cost.
We grind Metallic Silicon?imported mainly from China, and also from Australia, Norway and Brazil.
We established Tangshan Kinsei Matec Co., Ltd. in Tangshan city, Hebei, China in July, 2002. It?enabled us to produce the product in China.



We provide a wide range of?Metallic Silicon?powders especially chemical grades, which require high level quality control.
Kinsei Matec has two production bases in Japan and China to meet customer requirements in quality and price.


Product data

True?Specific Gravity:2.32.4

Melting Point:1,420

Si Content:93%95%98%

Size Distribution :#200#350#600 etc.



General Purpose Grade

Additive for aluminium alloy

Silicon steel plate and Silicone for car

Raw material for refractory


High Purity Grade

Raw material for polycrystal silicon

Raw material for silicon wafer

Starting material for fine ceramics

Thermal conductive filler