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Calcium Ferrite

General Description

Calcium ferrite is produced by melting iron ore and lime in a melting furnace. It is used for phosphorus removal during iron manufacture. Recently it is said that fluorspar, which was usually used, has?a negative?effect on the environment by emitting fluorine. Calcium ferrite doesn't include fluorine. So it is used as?a substitute?for fluorspar.



Our calcium ferrite is a melting type and a low-melting compound. So it melts quickly after placing inside of furnace. It is?a substitute?for fluorspar. It doesn't include fluorine. So it is environment-friendly. It has a good phosphorus removal effect.


Product Data

Examples of component

Fe2O3 : 50~55%CaO : 40%or more、SiO2 : 5.0%or less、MgO : 6.0%or less、F : 0.1%or less、

P : 0.1%or less、S : 0.1%or less

Examples of particle size





Dephosphorizing treatment for steelmaking